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At Evolution Road, we boast a dynamic panel of home and investment lenders who can assist with your specific loan requirements, whether it be home lending, accruing an investment portfolio, consolidating existing debts or simply refinancing to a lower rate and a more flexible package. The right provider is an essential piece of the debt reduction puzzle. We will navigate the options with you.

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Utilising taxation, broking and financial advice skillsets to provide our clients with a holistic home loan and debt structuring service.

Debt structuring

When you work with an accountant, a financial adviser and a mortgage broker, you get the best of all worlds. That’s the service proposition provided by Evolution Road.

Your Evolution Road debt specialist understands it is essential to structure your property loans as effectively as possible. Whether it’s separating deductible and non-deductible debt for tax effectiveness, working through the merits of redraw facilities and offset accounts or even establishing a plan to pay off your home loan faster, our team has the qualifications and experience to put you on the road to a debt free and wealth friendly future.

Did you know?

Paying a few dollars extra off the mortgage can make a massive difference to your interest savings and loan term. In our example below, by making an extra mortgage repayment of $50 per week, these clients will save more than $53,000 in interest and reduce the loan term by over 5 years! Can this be achieved? Why not complete a budget to gauge whether you have the disposable income to pay your debts off sooner.

If there isn’t a 3 in front of your home loan rate, you are probably paying too much.

Saving even half a percent can take years off the life of your loan.

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