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Our Philosophy

Integrity, transparency and honesty are the pillars on which Evolution Road Wealth Management has built its brand. Focusing on strong relationships and open communication with our clients allows our team to best service their financial needs and objectives.

The team are passionate about making a comfortable retirement your reality through robust strategic advice, no matter what stage of life. They seek to implement recommendations which will have a significant impact on your lifestyle now and into the future.

Evolution Road has empowered hundreds of Australians to create an abundant future by providing tailored investment, protection and wealth creation advice. They excel in creating a client experience that is education based, clear and results-oriented.

Our advisers boast peak educational qualifications including the Certified Financial Planner® designation and decades of industry experience – a recipe to provide expert financial advice to both individuals and businesses

Retirement Planning

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

How will I support myself when I stop working?

When should I retire?

Will I be eligible for the age pension?

How much money will I need to live?

Will I be debt free?

Should I salary sacrifice into super or put extra into my home loan?

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Your future gets here faster than you think

Your trusted Evolution Road adviser can answer all your questions about retirement and what your financial future might hold. Retirement itself could last 40 years so it is imperative that a solid plan is developed so you can retire with certainty.

The right time... is now

The earlier you start retirement planning the more opportunities you’ll have to accumulate wealth along the way.

Everyone has a different retirement scenario and you can be assured your trusted adviser will provide a customised strategy to complement the goals you have set for later in life.

Don’t leave it too late. If you are ready to take those first steps towards establishing your plan for a secure future…


Statistics suggest more than $2.7 trillion currently invested within the superannuation environment in Australia. There are literally hundreds of options available to Australians in today’s marketplace regarding the management of their retirement monies.

Unfortunately, it is very complex and requires a thorough understanding to maximise potential. Super legislation has changed significantly over the last 20 years, so its important to stay in the know.

Your Evolution Road adviser can assist with structured superannuation advice, which in turn can form the centrepiece of your investing, asset protection, tax and estate planning objectives.

Take ownership of your retirement monies today

Do you have several super accounts?

Could account information be directed to an old address?

Have you lost track of your super?

More money in retirement?

Paying a maximum tax rate of 15%, superannuation is a great way to manage and grow investments.

This concessional tax rate, when compared to individual tax rates as high as 49%, allows you to retain more of the investment return for yourself, as opposed to the government. This means more money in retirement.

From a wealth protection angle, holding personal insurances such as life and total and permanent disability insurance through your superannuation can be both cost effective and tax effective.

These policies can be tax deductible to the superannuation fund, essentially allowing you to pay the premiums with your pre-tax earnings, whilst also not impinging on your cash flow.

With other benefits such as increased protection of your assets and greater certainty in estate planning, superannuation presents itself as a very attractive strategy for many Australians. Speak to Evolution Road about customising your own retirement plan!


The last 30 years of investing

Your patience and discipline can yield excellent results!

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At Evolution Road, we believe investment should be a long-term strategy, but one that is monitored closely and often. It is certainly not a ‘set and forget’ process. Time in the market, diversification and ongoing economic analysis are all key in developing a successful portfolio that will reap results.

Our mantra is to provide guidance and education in a jargon-free manner, to ensure investors and clients alike understand become comfortable with the process of investing, whether it be in a term deposit, Australian blue chip shares or your first investment property. Our service proposition is collaborative and proactive.

Quick tips for investment success

Obtain sound advice. It is crucial to identify which investment opportunities are proven performers whilst diversification can smooth out risk and return over time.

Practice patience and discipline. Markets rise and fall continuously. When they are down it can be tempting to pull out. Commit to your long-term strategy, and stay the course.

Give yourself a break. If you watch the markets every day and read all the opinions, it will drive you crazy.

Personal Insurance

We all live to enjoy life today but what happens if tomorrow isn’t the same? Personal insurance is designed to protect what’s important to you whilst negating the risk of future financial distress due to death, disability, illness or injury. The outcome is protecting the financial welfare of your family and safeguarding your income against unexpected life events. 

We insure our cars, homes and contents. However, too many times Australians ‘self insure’ putting at risk everything they have worked so hard to achieve. Accidents, illnesses and other disasters have left many families with significant debt, little means for future cash flow and an inability to pay for ongoing essential items. On the flip side, claimants who own a quality personal insurance portfolio have been able to ward off financial stress in these instances. Personal insurance is quite frankly, a necessary evil.  

Over 90% of all life insurance claims in 2016 were accepted by life insurance companies, according to a joint research project by APRA and ASIC.

– Insurance Watch, Nov 2017

We can assist with building a customised risk portfolio for your peace of mind.

Life Insurance
Total & Permanent Disability

Critical Illness Insurance

Income Protection


Mark Power has been looking after our Super and Investment needs for quite a number of years and the results speak for themselves. My Superannuation is growing at a healthy rate and if it wasn’t for Mark, we never would have had life insurance. Thankfully we did, because I lost my husband to cancer when he was at the tender age of 42 in 2016. MLC made claiming this insurance hassle free at such a difficult time and thanks to Mark’s advice and guidance, our children and I are financially stable. I have recommended Mark to quite a number of family and friends and I’m more than happy to offer a verbal recommendation to anyone who’s hesitant. Even though we have moved back to North Queensland, I couldn’t think of anyone else I would trust my financial security with so I continue to use Mark and modern technology makes this easy. Thanks again Mark. You’re definitely an expert in your field. Kindest Regards, Cynthia

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